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How to Connect a HP Printer to a Wireless Router Network

HP Printer

HP has developed 3 types of wireless HP printers that are compatible with current wireless networks. For the purposes of this article, the HP LaserJet Pro 300 color printer is being used as an example. The 3 types of wireless printers are the HP LaserJet Pro 300 color printer, HP Deskjet 920 color printer, and HP Office jet 200 color printer.

Wireless Printers

For the wireless HP printers, the first step is to set up the wireless router so that it is broadcasting a wireless signal. To set up the wireless router, there are instructions that are provided with the router. The instructions are also available on the Internet. If instructions are not available, then 

One of the most common challenges with a wireless setup is connecting to your printer. Check your printer’s documentation for specific setup information. The wireless router can be configured to broadcast a network for the printer to connect to.  Here are the steps to configure the wireless router to create a network for your printer:

  • Login to your wireless router and navigate to the administration section.
  • Choose the connection method for your printer and enter a username and password for your printer.
  • Choose the connection type for the driver.
  • Easy steps.

Step 1) Plug the network cable from the wireless router to the back of the HP printer.

Step 2) Press the power button on both the printer and the wireless router.

Step 3) Press the wireless button on the back of the wireless router.

Step 4) Press the wireless button on the front of  the router and select the Home wireless network you would like to connect to.

Step 5) Press the menu button on the printer and make sure wireless printing is on. 

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Now you’ll need to press the wireless button on the printer, this should be located somewhere on the front of the printer. The first screen of the printer on the display should say “Enter Wireless Network Name”, now type the name of the network that is on your wireless router, that you used to connect to your computer. Once you  enter the name of the wireless network, move on to the next screen.

On the next screen, you’ll need to enter the wireless security key. Now it’s time to start putting the wireless network name and security key into the router. You’ll find this information on the back of your router.

On the next screen, you  will be prompted to enter your wireless network password.

Go to the printer setup and go to the wireless menu. Either scan the airwaves for networks to get a list of wireless networks or enter the SSID of your wireless router into the printer. Once the printer has acquired a wireless network signal, turn your wireless router on and then turn on  the printer. Now, make sure the network name is the one the printer found and not the one the router is set to.

There are a few steps to take to connect an HP Printer to a wireless network:

1) Go to the printer setup  page.

2) Turn the printer on and make sure it is connected to your internet connection.

3) Change the location of the printer from “Home” to “Wireless Network”.

4) Press “Wireless Setup” under the setup menu.

5) Press “Next.”

6) Press  “Next,” and then plug in the network name and password provided by your wireless router.

7) Press “Next,” and then press “Next” when prompted for network key.

8) Press “Finish.”


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