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TP-Link Archer AC1200 WiFi: The Best Router For Most People


TP-Link Archer AC1200 is the best wireless router for most people. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your internet connection’s speed and performance. It’s compatible with all of the latest devices, including smart TVs, VR headsets, 4K TVs, Apple TV, Xbox One S/X/Xp consoles, PC VR headsets, and more.

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Tp-Link Archer AC1200 WiFi Pros and Cons


  • Creates a direct internet connection between your device and router. This eliminates the need for an ISP modem to do this job.
  • Fast wireless speed with up to 1900 Mbps transfer speed. This is faster than most other wireless routers. It’s capable of many gigabit-speed connections, but only in cases where your network is not severely saturated with traffic. Its wireless range is both very long (typical AC1200 routers have a range of up to 15 miles) and also very wide (around 5,000 square feet homes can expect it to cover about 80% of their homes typically).
  • Has several useful features such as the ability to prioritize bandwidth for streaming and gaming, custom names for devices connecting to the network, bandwidth controls, parental controls (it has the best parental controls), a built-in firewall, and many other security options.
  • TP-Link has software for both mobile phones (iPhone/Android) and PCs that are very easy to use, powerful, and highly customizable. They have a bunch of apps available in their app store which means you can do things like monitor your children’s internet usage, manage who is connected to your network from outside, or set up a local-to-remote VPN connection. Their software runs on most modern operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.
  • Has wireless security options such as WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA/WPA2 enterprise, and even a less secure option called WPS. These security options allow you to choose what level of encryption and data protection you want. To be clear, your wireless router is the most vulnerable access point to your home network. So if someone is targeting you specifically because you have valuable information or are a high-profile person, they may be able to bypass your encrypted wireless connection and directly attack your local network. This is more of a concern if you’re doing anything important like banking via the internet or corporate work at home without any encryption on your wireless connection. So if this is you, then make sure to use your best judgment.
  • TP-Link offers a limited lifetime warranty. So if you buy the AC1200 now and it breaks down 5 years later, they will send you a replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

For the price ($50-$60) and for the features it has, it is hard to beat this wireless router.


  • The TP-Link AC1200 router is only a single band. It operates on 2.4 GHz wireless and 5 GHz wireless. If you have some devices operating on these two bands, you can only have one of them operating at a time. So if your devices are operating on both, the router will limit your network speed to 600 Mbps. This is because without moving to a higher band your current devices will automatically switch to the slower 2.4 GHz band. After all, the 5 GHz band requires a newer device (such as the 802.11ac standard) to use it effectively(as of 2018). So if you’re looking for a dual-band, this is not the router for you.
  • The AC1200 router does not have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. So you need to access TP-Link’s web-based management tools or use their excellent app for PCs. It’s almost always easier to use the PC app, but it doesn’t help that there isn’t an iOS or Android app available.
  • You can not set up a dual-band wireless connection on this router (i.e both bands must be set at the same frequency). This means that if your WiFi device requires both bands, you’ll need to purchase another router with more than one band to set up dual-band operation with your existing AC1200 wireless router.
  • Although it does not use any external antennas, you may notice the AC1200 router produces a noticeable amount of heat. This is due to the more powerful internal processor and memory inside this router.
  • The AC1200 wifi router comes with a few ads on its home screen that you have to deal with until you get used to them. This can be distracting while you’re setting it up and might deter people from buying it because they don’t want the annoyance of dealing with ads constantly.

Out of all the popular router brands, TP-Link has always been able to provide high-quality budget options. We’ve seen it multiple times with their routers and they have yet to disappoint us. One such model is their Archer AC1200 router. It is a dual-band router that’s capable of providing up to 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz frequency as well as 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

The router itself is quite powerful and manages to provide a reliable connection very easily. It comes with 4 Gigabit LAN ports that can be used if you want to connect multiple wired devices such as computers and other network-friendly appliances. In addition, it also has external antennae which are capable of providing better coverage, something that’s always nice to have in a router.

Build quality-wise, the TP-Link Archer AC1200 is extremely solid. It’s not surprising since this is a budget model, the build quality feels like that of higher-end routers. Also, you can always take advantage of the fast shipping thanks to Amazon Prime.

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The TP-Link Archer AC1200 provides 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz dual-band WiFi. It also comes with 4 Gigabit LAN ports which, if you’ve read my article on the best router for gaming, is an important feature that helps you maximize your gaming capabilities on a crowded network.

The router also has a USB 2.0 port which allows you to connect storage devices and share them across your network.

The TP-Link Archer AC1200 has a few buttons on it that can help you manage the device (such as resetting it to factory settings and power management). The WiFi coverage is pretty decent overall.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer AC1200 is one of the best wireless routers in its price range. It’s powerful, solid, has a ton of useful features such as USB 2.

The TP-Link Archer AC1200 router has good build quality.

Pros The TP-Link Archer AC1200 has a large processor and comes with four Gigabit LAN ports.

It’s one of the best value for money wireless routers out there, coming in at a fraction of the price of other high-end routers. Cons The USB 2 port isn’t 3.0 and is ideal only for network storage or printers, not modern external hard drives.

It lacks a USB 3.0 port which would’ve allowed for faster transfer speeds, especially for external storage devices.


The TP-Link Archer AC1200 is the best value-for-money router you can buy right now (especially if you use Amazon Prime), regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast or a casual gamer. There are some cheaper, lower-quality routers out there but they’re not as good. The TP-Link Archer AC1200 won’t let you down and will provide years of service without any problems at all.

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